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       Patty Allen



We received two offers on our review date and have accepted one.   

Your staging was so well received, and many agents took your did a fabulous job! It has been a joy to be there and show off the house. 

Thanks again,




       Ben Carr

       Broker - Realtor 


Awesome job as always.  


The place looks amazing!


The level of thought you put into each of your stagings is hugely appreciated by anyone looking at it.

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  Dina Harvey Jardine

       Broker - Realtor 


So many rave comments on 7735 27th!!


People have adored the staging, thank you so much. 


We are expecting 3+ offers today. 



           Todd K.


 Range Properties, LLC

We have worked with more than a few local stagers since 2009. We eventually did our research and it has paid off. Before hiring Ronalee By Design we were looking for a professional with the knowledge and experience to stage our flips. We have now sold a number of properties with RBD staging as the “icing on the cake." Ronalee is a valued part of our team. Her reputation for quality speaks to her commitment to a project, sophistication, eye for design and results. We plan to use her services and we always recommend Ronalee and her team.


Todd K. - Range Properties, LLC


    Anita Italiane Hearl



I asked Anita for your email, so that I could personally thank you for the staging you did for our condo. 


You really transformed the place into a unique space.  It looks so good. 


I know that it was one of your more challenging jobs, access wise, and I appreciate the effort you put into it.  We're so pleased with how it turned out.


Best regards,



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